Performance Technologies And New Pearsall Oilfield Business

This is a photo of Performance Technologies office near Pearsall Texas. Performance Technologies is an affiliate of Chesapeake Energy and performs pressure pumping and hydraulic fracturing services for the oil and gas industry. As of this article date, some hydraulic fracturing technician jobs, as well as oilfield dispatcher and other positions are currently unfilled at the new Pearsall location. Companies such as PT have brought hundreds of new jobs to small towns such as Pearsall, and there seems to be no end in sight to the new businesses moving into the Eagle Ford shale area. See sites such as for some listings.

Frac company Performance Technologies, A Chesapeake company.

Below: A new hotel under construction in the Eagle Ford Shale area, near Pearsall Texas. This photo was taken in late July. Note the “Opening By” date on the sign. Some projects such as this in the Eagle Ford Shale may be running slower than expected due to a shortage of qualified labor, as well as permitting and inspection delays. Towns such as Pearsall and Dilley are struggling to cope with all the new activity and county offices are swamped by permit applications.

A new hotel under construction in Eagle Ford Shale